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Has everyone skipped town??

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Uɶ: 2004-04-28
峹: 937
Ӧ: Taiwan

oo: PG | 12, 2005 3:45 pm    峹DD: Has everyone skipped town?? ި^

what's going on here???....no one comes here anymore? let me throw a line here...anyone interested in a BBQ at my place on a Saturday in May?...just say which weekend you would be available and we'll choose the one that comes up the most!...cheers!

It would be a combined effort from all....sort of a "pot luck" type of deal!....i've got a spare room, comfortable couches and a huge fenced in yard(complete with mini horse) for those who would want to camp!...cheers!
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Uɶ: 2004-03-10
峹: 234
Ӧ: England

oo: PT | 13, 2005 11:08 am    峹DD: ި^

There's a BBQ at my house on the 23rd April for my freind laura, as she is leaving Taiwan.
All are welcome 5pm to 12am
A legal rider without a mission!
Only a mission to increase riding days!
˵|ӤH oepHT

Uɶ: 2004-10-25
峹: 34
Ӧ: ¥xÆW

oo: PT | 13, 2005 12:05 pm    峹DD: ި^

I've been fascinated by the riding happiness on No.3 highway recently. Whenever I approach Dahu area, I feel happy that I am out of hustle and bustle of Taipei. Taichung is my hometown. I'll never miss it.

Why not a strawberry pick?
˵|ӤH oepHT
Bradford (R69S)

Uɶ: 2004-06-15
峹: 639

oo: PT | 13, 2005 12:14 pm    峹DD: BBQ ި^

Liza - how about a BBQ up on the mountain? Horwanshan???
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Bradford (R69S)

Uɶ: 2004-06-15
峹: 639

oo: PT | 13, 2005 12:15 pm    峹DD: Mountains ި^

or Lishan?
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