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Kawasaki Discounts - Read if you plan to buy one

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Uɶ: 2014-07-19
峹: 45
Ӧ: Kaohsiung

oo: P Q 19, 2014 9:03 pm    峹DD: Kawasaki Discounts - Read if you plan to buy one ި^

Went to a Kawasaki dealer the other day. To my surprise I found out the KLX is $40k CHEAPER than any advertised deal I've seen on the net. That's always welcomed.

If you're planning to buy a kawasaki, thought I'd let you know this:

They dealer gave me two $20k discounts. I'm not entirely sure what the first one was about. "lost in translation" is all I can say. But the second 20k discount is something good to know about.

They have some type of "zero" interest loan plan with their bikes. You put a down payment of whatever they require and then MUST take the rest in loan. (not for me, no thanks) Of course nobody can make any money on a true zero interest loan, right? That's where the second 20k comes in.

If you go the "zero" interest route, you DON'T get the extra 20k discount. (prob the bank gets it) But if you pay all in advance or try some other type of loan, then you *should* get the 20k discount.

The reason I bring this up is because they said some unscrupulous dealers won't mention this to the customers and pocket that discount.

And those numbers are for the KLX. I'm guessing a bigger bike will have larger numbers.

Hope that could help someone.
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