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Uɶ: 2004-02-25
峹: 1794
Ӧ: my mother

oo: P QG 13, 2014 8:50 am    峹DD: maulin ި^

Hey glen, waited till 8.15. On the way to wutai now. Call me

R45 b P@ QG 15, 2014 7:05 am @F 1 ק
˵|ӤH oepHT oeqll

Uɶ: 2014-07-19
峹: 45
Ӧ: Kaohsiung

oo: P QG 13, 2014 10:29 am    峹DD: ި^

Got there around 8:40. Figured u guys left so I headed on to Sandimen. In wutai now. Don't see ya, so I'll hang out here til ya drive by.

I'm right at the entrance to the town. Next to the road that takes you down to the river. By a big rock sign with "Kabalhelajan" written on it.

You're prob out of cell reception.
˵|ӤH oepHT [oHӤH
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